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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Simcha Silverman

Rabbi Simcha Silverman joined us as our Rabbi for the High Holidays 5775/Autumn 2014. He previously served as the Youth and Teen Director of the Young Israel of Kendall in Miami Florida in conjunction with the position of city director for NCSY. Rabbi Silverman has also dedicated a number of years to Jewish education for adults and children through formal and experiential education positions.

Rabbi Silverman studied in various prominent yeshivas including Mirrer Yeshiva, from where he received his semicha, Beth Medrash Gavoha (Lakewood), and community Kollels in Connecticut and Florida.

In addition to his duties at Etz Chaim, Rabbi Silverman serves as Manager of Chaplaincy Services at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.

 Rabbi Silverman and his Rebbetzin, Brocha are committed to the continued success of Congregation Etz Chaim through working with the board and membership on developing new shiurim and learning opportunities as well as engaging programs.

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